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ICO Update – Jul 2 2017

ICO Update – Jul 2 2017 Here is the progress of the Initial Coin Offerings that we are following. Please go to for a full list of Ongoing ICOs.
Giga Watt ICO Update – Jul 2 2017
The Giga Watt ICO moves along ith slow contributions coming in. They have issued 12,579,633 tokens and the current rate is $1.05 per token. So, they have raised over 12 million dollars which in itself is a huge accomplishment. The ICO period is one of the longer ones we have seen and we will see how far they go with 29 days left for this Blockchain-based Mining Solution
To read more on Giga Watt click To follow the crowdsale click:
FUND YOURSELF NOW ICO Update – Jul 2 2017
Fund-Yourself-Now, a blockchain based crowdfunding platform launched its ICO on June 17th with a period of 46 days. Their hard-cap is 7.5 million FYN tokens or about 65,000 ETH which at current market prices is approximately 22 million dollars.
FYN already has a pipeline of upcoming ICOs to be launched on their platform and we will be detailing them shortly.
Here is the progress so far: Contract Overview | FundYourselfNow ETH Balance: 4,506.062166217484335852 Ether ETH USD Value: $1,314,778.82 (@ $291.78/ETH) No Of Transactions: 817 txns
To read more about the Fund Yourself Project Now click here.
Corion ICO Update – Juy 2 2017
Corion’s goal is to be a multifunctional Platform for businesses and individuals to join and build a worldwide decentralized network, based on mutual benefits, simplicity, security, cost-effectiveness, speed and a stable means of payment. Corion launched its ICO on June 18th, 2017. There was no minimum or maximum cap set. The sale has not generated a lot of contributions in the past 24 hours. The Crowdsale has raised $1.3 million dollars so far.
To read more about Corion, click here:
To follow the Corion ICO click here:
Polybius Bank ICO Update – Jul 2 2017
Polybius Bank states that they will combine features of modern banking, IoT, Big Data and Blockchain-based technologies while also meeting security and UX requirements.
They opened their crowdsale on May 31, 2017. The terms are that each PLBT token will cost $10 and the maximum number of tokens to be sold is 20,000,000. That leaves the possibility of them raising up to $200 million dollars. They have already raised around $26,000,000 dollars as per their website.
The ICO will come to an end in a couple of day, to read an update from our friends at BitcoinChaser click here: To follow the Polybius ICO click here:
DAO Casino ICO Update – Jul 2 2017
In on-line gaming the biggest issue that all parties involved have to deal with is trust, the DAO Casino platform directly addresses this issue and removes the need for any trust from the parties involved.
Built on the Ethereum Blockchain and powered by the Ethereum ERC20 token protocol, DAO Casino, through its decentralized, open-code platform is transparent and there is no way for any of the parties to take advantage of each other. This produces the first truly “fair” on-line gaming platform.
The ICO was off to a quick start and continues to raise funds. The sale has a hard cap of $25,000,000, As of the time of this publication they have raised around 13 million dollars.
To have a look at our complete profile, click here: To follow the DAO Casino crowdsale directly, go to
Upcoming Initial Coin Offerings
We have updated our list of upcoming ICOs and it is extensive. We have added links to the companies websites and whitepapers where available. For a completely comprehensive list click here:
We anticipate uploading Profiles on the following upcoming ICOs in the next few days: Populous – Invoice and Trade Finance OpenAnx – Decentralized Exchange PrimalBase – Distributed Workspace for Tech Community MyBit – Decentralized Asset Management OmiseGo – eWallet Platform
If there is an ICO that you would like to see a Profile that we have not listed, please let us know and we will do our best to provide it ASAP.
ICO Update – Jul 2 2017
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